You’ve been there. You put together an IT infrastructure that would support your company’s needs for the next year, and six months later, after the unexpected hiring binge, everyone’s wondering why they can’t get into their mail.

You’ve been there. You committed to having that project done this week, but amid the myriad of phone calls, pages, and fires you have to put out on a daily basis, you haven’t had time to even think about it.

You’ve been there. You’ve got some great ideas for an infrastructure project, but haven’t the first idea about where to start. What web server software will best facilitate our needs? What changes will have to be made from the typical configuration? Who’s going to write the custom code?

You’ve been there. You bring in a large consulting company to do your IT infrastructure, and they try to fit your specific needs into one of their off-the-shelf solutions. It’s never quite right, but you keep telling yourself that it’s probably close enough. For now.

You’ve been there. The IT person you hired must have embellished on his or her skills, as they were listed on the résumé.

You’ve been there. In an effort to get the contract, the large company brings in an “expert” who turns out to know less about the product than you do.


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